TOM - Clydesdale, 16.2hh - born 2010

Tom joined us during July 2013, and is settling in well but slowly.  Due to accidents and poor health (on our part) his early training has been steady, but he is now showing potential to progress into the truly friendly giant that he promises to be.  He adores human company, but is also learning to respect the company of other horses without harming himself or them!  This is sometimes a difficult learning curve for young horses, particularly if they have not been brought up in a true herd situation or allowed a lot of freedom in their formative years.  We believe that his early education and socialisation was limited and now we are trying to instill self confidence and good behaviour.

Tom is currently looking after the two young boys, which strangely has helped him in his own maturing process.  A litte responsibility is a good thing!  He has amazingly comfortable paces once you are used to his size.  He is now riding out well on the long rides, although he pretends that he finds the hills a little challenging. 

You can see here how he is listening to Hayley, with his right ear on her during the liberty work, but if you notice the left ear is listening to the ducks and donkeys in the field beyond!


We know that Tom will be one of our more popular horses in the future, but he still has a long way to go and we look forward to working with him this winter.  He has a large gait, and sometimes he is a little enthusiastic in his attitude, but he is now learning balance and self control through free-schooling and lungeing.


Tom's Barefoot Trims

Basic problem: totally overgrown untrimmed soles and heel bars, with clover shaped feet, and soft frogs.  Watch his videos below to see how his hooves, foot shape, frogs and soles are changing gradually over time.  The fore feet are gradually becoming a more natural shape, but his hinds will take a little longer.  He no longer trips over his overgrown toes, and has a far more balanced gait.  

The first four videos below are a summary from Tom's first trim through to the current day.  If you would like to see more in depth trimming videos they are all available to see, starting July 2013, below.

October 2015

This year Tom (5 year old) has been battling with 'Clydesdale itch' which we now seem to have under control using added sulphur in his diet, socium bicarbonate rinses, we've clipped his beautiful feathers to eliminate foot mites, and give him homeopathic sulphur and mud fever tablets, which seem to have calmed him down considerably and he is no longer throwing his saddle or bucking during riding.  Now we can take him forwards and improve his stamina to full rides through the woods and moors.  Welcome Tom to our group of riding horses.

December 2016

Tom has now fully developed to be a wonderful, trustworthy and reliable riding horse, with some great paces.  He loves going out  in the woods and on the moors, and is an ideal ride for anyone.  He is working well towards his goal of a replacement for Dandy, as Dandy goes into retirement shortly.