ARCHIE - Irish Sports Horse, 17hh, born 2004


Archie is our star - he arrived as a totally uneducated four year old, and has blossomed into a gentle, reliable ride, ready to work in any given situation, and excels at jumping when given the opportunity (but only when asked!)  He is Mr Mischief most of the time, and has worked out all the tricks in the book for getting attention, asking for food, opening doors and gates, and stealing hair bands! He loved dressing up for Caroline's wedding, and again at Christmas!  Archie will make all his riders have a good laugh.


Archie's Barefoot Trims (2015)

Archie has had huge problems with his feet, and has had continual thrush in his feet.  It is taking us a long time to clear this up, and finally we believe that we are beginning to see the end of this problem.  Archie is the main reason we started to go barefoot, as we had no understanding of the problems he had, nor the anatomy of the hoof - he has taught us a great deal, and he loves his rides!  We hope that, as we go through the wet cold winter, we can keep this horrible infection under control.

We are now into our fourth year of barefoot with Archie, and still we are working on making his foot a good working foot.  We have tried numerous treatments available on the market for thrush, and with some success with one or two, most have given no positive results at all.  We have tried our own concoctions, and we feel that now we are near the solution to this horrible disease.  Two of the best products on the market that we found were Aromafrog from Aromesse, and No Thrush, but as we are caring for eight horses we have devised our own cheaper solutions!

In riding terms Archie is far better balanced, riding through from behind, and is gentle and controllable.  His conformation is improved with a solid hind quarters, and he is a pleasure for all to ride.

Currently our treatment for his contracted heels and frog problem includes the following:  diatomaceous earth with flowers of sulphur in more or less equal parts brushed dry onto the sole and frog of the foot, with the same mixed with a little olive oil syringed into the holes in his contracted heels on a daily basis.  When we manage to do this every day we see good progress each week, and he is no longer sore on his heels or frog.  This makes it a lot simpler as now we can pick up his feet without the dreaded battle.  With the onset of wet winter weather we still hope to be able to keep this infection under control as the sulphur is such a good water repellant.  Try this yourselves, and see how you go.