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Rides from £35 per person
Regular riders £40 per half day ride

Part loans £70 per month

"Connect with your Horse" in-hand workshops - £60 for two


We are situated within the grounds of Exmoor Owl & Hawk Centre, just one mile from Porlock, and five miles west of Minehead.   We have access to hundreds of miles of off-road riding through woodland and over moorland, with spectacular views to the sea and across the moor to Devon and Cornwall.  Some of the best riding countryside in the world!  The countryside is challenging, and so we are unable to take novice riders.

Sorry, we are unable to take Novice riders*

OUR MOST COMMON CUSTOMER REVIEW - 'Wow, that is the best ride I have ever had!'

We have six lovely, well trained, forward going horses, who enjoy the beautiful countryside with hacking and trail riding as much as we do!  We ride over the National Trust, Holnicote Estate, over 12,000 acres of unspoilt Exmoor.  Indeed much of our riding countryside was created 150 years ago as a private riding estate - this is our playground!

We are open for riding throughout the year for riders with some horse riding experience, and we do ask that our riders can control a horse at walk, rising trot and canter.   We can take experienced teenagers on our smaller horses.  ( We regret we are unable to offer rides for novice riders)

We ride bitless, treeless and barefoot.  If you are thinking of a more natural kind of riding then come and ride our lovely horses.

ride over north hill view to bossington beach

We canter across moorland tracks and along wide woodland rides designed for riding, leaving from our farm into the woods opposite.  Perfect for trail riding on holiday.  Our rides are tailored to your needs and ability, usually without other riders, with no long line of horses and ponies and mixed abilities and no young children.

Why not bring a small group of friends for some of the best riding in your life, and stay in our B&B Farmhouse.

pebbles on selworthy becon ride

We offer discounts for regular riders, and part loans for local riders.

Enjoy our short video of our North Hill Ride here:

A note about insurance...

We would strongly advise that riders have adequate personal or personal sports injury insurance to cover all eventualities. While Exmoor Riding Centre is covered by the insurance appropriate to its activities as a riding establishment, each rider does so at his or her own risk. Whilst we take every care to ensure our horses are well trained, well behaved and to a certain fitness, accidents do happen from time to time and as a rider your insurance is your own responsibility. 

If you bring a horse to Exmoor Riding at Exmoor Owl & Hawk Centre, we recommend that it is insured for vets fees and that your tack and riding equipment is also covered on your insurance.  We would also recommend that you have adequate personal liability insurance.   Riding is a dangerous sport, and accidents do happen from time to time.

If you are pregnant it is advisable that you ask your doctor with regards to safe riding.


30th September 2014

Hi Cathy

I'd like to express how much we both enjoyed our stay and our ride with Hayley.  There is nothing we could fault about your beautiful set up and happy animals.  We would like to come back for a 2.5 hour private ride on ……  Rowena and Katie


20 March 2014

Dear Cathy,
I am writing to thank you for such an brilliant ride on the 10th March.   The route we took up through the woods and streams was excellent riding  and  then to get out onto the open moor with views over most of Somerset and to  see Wales out over the sea was the best ride ever.  I can vouch for Dandy being a tall, handsome, silver-haired gentleman in every way.  I have never ridden a smoother horse.  Any ditches or hummocks he just glided over.  I love the way your horses seem so relaxed and happy in your horse-centredway they are treated.  Riding barefoot and bitless was a revelation to meand I can hardly wait to come back up to Exmoor to ride with you again. 

Yours Enthusiastically.

Sue Moss  

*A NOTE ON NOVICE RIDERS:  Whilst we appreciate that many who have ridden little or not at all may wish to ride this beautiful countryside, the reasons we are unable to take novices are as follows:

An unbalanced seat makes the going on our steep hills and rough paths very difficult for the horses and can damage their back.

An unbalanced rider is more likely to fall off on the steep paths.

An inexperienced rider is unable to control a horse if it decides to race with another.

Some of our horses understand their riders and will not always follow along the path with the others, or even follow at all, so novice rides are not possible!

If you are interested in learning to ride we do recommend a course of tuition prior to hacking out in difficult terrain.


I always like coming here - I always learn something new, and you have probably the best horses I have seen in a riding establishment.

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